Friday, September 27, 2019

Crime Increases on Campus Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Crime Increases on Campus - Essay Example It is essential for students to be provided a safe and secure environment at the campus they are studying. Such a secure environment may lead to an increased interest of students in their studies as they may feel the campus to be similar to that of their own home. So in order to ensure such an environment for learning, many aspects are needed to be sought out and taken in to consideration. One such important aspect is the safety and security of the students within the campus. In order to be safe and secure a campus requires being adequately equipped with emergency accidental cases as well as the ability to curb the crimes within the campus. The mishaps of campus fierceness have appealed notice of broad publicity recently due to the increased crime rate within campuses. To address this issue there are two ways of addressing the problem. The common law is the foremost that provides regulations regarding the conduct within educational institutions. These laws and regulations are common for all campuses. Another way is the use of administrative authority of the campus to enforce its own formulated regulations to control the campus violence. Besides the authoritative enforcement, the modern technology helps in the attainment of the goal of a safe and sound environment within the campus by bridging the gaps in the security by manual monitoring (Hyland, 2003). Upon completion of project the crime rate within the campus could be declined by 90% resulting in the resolution of campus violence completely. The safe and secure environment will result in increased admissions within the campus and better results. This security plan has been tested by Central Alarm Security Systems in a violent campus within States and the quoted results were attained as the crime rate was declined by 90% within the campus. The installation of CCTV camera system will require 2 days and

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