Monday, September 9, 2019

Saving Private Ryan Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Saving Private Ryan - Movie Review Example George Marshall has ordered Captain Miller to save the last Ryan alive. The team composed of 8 men headed by Captain Miller. Not sure of the whereabouts of Ryan, the team of Captain Miller moved from one place to another looking for Ryan. Until one day they met someone who saw Ryan guarding the town of Ramelle in France, to prevent the German from taking the people of the town. Captain Miller tries to convince Ryan to come with them but instead of coming he makes a deal with Miller that if they help him protect the city then he will go with them. Miller agrees with him and fought with the German. During the encounter with the German, Miller got hurt but was able to bring home Ryan alive. At the end of the story, the old man in the beginning of the movie was James Ryan and the grave belongs to Captain Miller. Saving Private Ryan is an epic movie that features how the US troops were able to save the only survivor among four brothers who were held captive by the Germans. Private James R yan played by Matt Damon is the only survivor among the four brothers; three of his brothers were killed in action. Captain John Miller played by Tom Hanks was the one designated to bring to safety Private James Ryan. The movie received several good reviews from a different part of the world. Veterans of the World War II who have seen the movie relived their memories during the war. Although the movie was done in England, Ireland, and France, the movie seems to make it look like they are on the battlefield. The characters in the story are fictional but the story was adopted in the life of the Niland Brothers. They are also from the military two died during the battle one held captive and the other is missing. The movie made a good selection of characters to make this movie realistic. The character of both Captain Miller and James Ryan are very appealing to the viewers. Since they are both a good actor they have portrayed their character very well. Although the places and other chara cters are fictional the actors still were able to do justice in their different role.   In the Battlefield the warships and combat outfit are very much similar to the one that the US army is wearing during the 1940 war. Based on the review done by several observers, the one making this picture really is the movement of the camera. The camera in the first part of the story on the Omaha Beach brought the viewer on the battlefield. The agony and pain were felt during the shot taken by the camera. Added to the realism of the story are the make-up, costumes, and the effectiveness of the portrayal of the characters. The battleship used is the same replica in the 1940 war that can be seen in the museum and other historical websites. The movie really brings out the story behind the battle. The location was James Ryan found were fictional but added the spies in the story. This American soldier has dedicated his life to serving not only his country but also those who need his service.   T he weapons, machine gun nests, bunkers, and vehicles add elements that engage us easily into the narrative. During the search for James Francis Ryan of Iowa the locations and set design shows accuracy. Bombed houses, splintered planks everywhere, and rubble-strewn streets resemble photographs of real battle scenes. And the costumes are correct. The canvas belts, the jackets, the occasional puttees laced around the calves -- these are the outfits of 1944.

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