Saturday, July 27, 2019

Lyndon Johnson and the Roots of Contemporary Conservatism Essay

Lyndon Johnson and the Roots of Contemporary Conservatism - Essay Example Thie essay "Lyndon Johnson and the Roots of Contemporary Conservatism" discusses the views of Tom Wicker who has dealt with a very strong aspect of the presidency. The main aspects that have been discussed are the fact that even though a President has given the country his best and provided the country with a chance to improve to great extents. In this case, the main focus has been on a President who has given America a lot of benefits and improvements – Lyndon Johnson. Lyndon Johnson has some very conservative views and an undying need to improve and better himself and provide America with all the possible benefits that he can bring to the country. There has been a clear and straight forward approach to the general issues of societies like the unemployment, urban poverty and much more. The main theme of this essay has been to provide readers with a view of the amount of work done by a president yet the disgrace they received.I completely agree with the views of Tom Wicker and I feel that people who give the country the best of their efforts and help the country progress through the macroeconomic factors. Yet the names of these people and the amount of work and efforts of these individuals have been going waste and unrecognized. Wicker has touched on a very sensitive issue which is never brought up by any one due to the number of questions that have been unanswered for years. I completely agree with this point. There is a very strong need for people to be recognized for their work.

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