Monday, July 29, 2019

Responsibility of A Correctioanl Captain in the State of Alabama Essay

Responsibility of A Correctioanl Captain in the State of Alabama - Essay Example The correctional captain is endowed the role of supervising Correctional Lieutenants along with Correctional Sergeants and clerical as well as technical staff (Fresno County, 1999). A correctional captain reviews the written materials such as job descriptions, counsels the inmates and their families, inspects areas of operational responsibilities, participates in committee activities, meetings and programs, develops written administrative guidelines, interviews individuals regarding various aspects such as litigation, monitors institutional operations, activities and job assignments along with writing document information. A correctional captain needs to have expert knowledge in the above mentioned fields. The Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) Administrative Regulation (AR) develops the responsibilities, procedures and policies for the implementation and development of professional guidance programs that comply with the federal and state requirements for ADOC employees. ADOC l aw enforcement employees include correctional sergeant, correctional officer, correctional lieutenant, correctional warden, correctional training director, correctional captain, correctional canine handler supervisor, correctional canine handler, correctional community program director and correctional investigative services officer (State of Alabama Department of Corrections, 2008). Responsibilities of a correctional captain include various tasks in terms of financial, managerial and operational area of the organization. In this research study, responsibilities of a correctional captain in the state of Alabama have been discussed elaborately. Explanation of the Responsibilities of a Correctional Captain in the State Of Alabama The responsibilities of a correctional caption are defined and regulated by the Alabama Department of Corrections. The Alabama Department of Corrections (ADOC) is the agency responsible for imprisonment of convicted felons in the state of Alabama in the Unite d States. Correctional captains generally review the reports, job descriptions, regulations, and trade journals along with making proper employee evaluations and budget expenditures using administrative regulations, directives and laws. They are also responsible for making incoming and outgoing correspondences and job descriptions in order to determine summarized actions required to initiate documentations. They follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with regard to auditing reports, administrative regulations and accounting manuals in order to encourage optimistic community relations, ensure adequate financial solidity, gather and distribute information. Budget expenditure needs to be formulated in a way so that it can ensure proper utilization of organization’s resources and in this regard the correctional captain serves the purpose. To evaluate and ensure accurate, efficient, effective and complete daily operations, a correctional captain delegates particular tasks to the employees regarding the matter of preparation of organizational reports along with controlling of the treatment programs, vehicle maintenance, logistical and fiscal matters using job descriptions and available resources. They take various initiatives to assess and ensure well-organized and efficient daily operations like preparation of technical manuals, proper

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