Sunday, July 28, 2019

TLMT 441 Assignment Article Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

TLMT 441 Article Review - Assignment Example It will majorly be for all of them to create value that will be of benefit to all of them. In line with this, it is a fact that, these companies also need to have the right players in the market which they will collaborate with as their partners or players. With good partners or players in various sectors, it becomes very easy for each company to achieve their goals and objectives as they carry out businesses that promote each others welfare. The third right which requires the companies or businesses involved in supply chain design is the right roles. These companies need to evaluate all their roles for each other and only have the right roles for themselves. When a company is seeking to find another company with whom they would collaborate in the supply chain design, it is required to look at the roles of that other company. They need not have conflicting roles as they will not aim at achieving similar objectives. They will then not be compatible in operations. The managers should also take their time to critically evaluate the companies readiness to compete. In the analysis of this article, the five game-changers that are emerging are explored as they represent the potential supply chain design points of inflection. Amongst the analyzed include borderless supply chains, additive manufacturing, the big data and predictive analytics, material science as well as autonomous vehicles. The articles then go ahead to discuss the four forces impeding the transformation of higher levels that the value co-creation can attain. It is important to mention also that these four forces include bad understanding of the ‘luxury nature of initiatives of the corporate social responsibility (CSR), security required during the supply chain, the fact that there is no trust within the governance mechanisms, and failure to manage change appropriately. In a nutshell, the article has its strengths in explaining where the successes of the firms are intended to come

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