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Consultant Proposal (Quantitative management) Term Paper

Consultant Proposal (Quantitative management) - Term Paper Example ?Every night (or early morning) the dispatcher prepares a routeing schedule for the next day. Customers or sites to be visited are those based on calls from the previous day (regular-basis operations and one-time operations) or on complaints from sites that were not visited the day before owing to certain circumstances, e.g. breakdown of a truck, or traffic congestion. On a daily basis approximately 200 sites are to be visited and up to 20 different types of container are to be handled by a 27-truck fleet. The four types of waste can be transported to around ten waste processing facilities. Truck capacity is limited to one container unless a trailer is added. ?When scheduling the available trucks, several constraints have to be taken into account. Most of them are compatibility constraints such as: driver and truck should be seen as a combination; not all containers can be put on all trucks; driving with dangerous waste requires a special truck and a driver with an appropriate licenc e; there is a relation between waste type and waste processing facility; customers prefer certain types of container. ... ?[from Container Transport – a case study by D Cattrysse, K Geeroms, A Proost and C Van der Heyde] ASSIGNMENT TASKS ? †¢ Examine and present the problem (in your own words), determine what data you would need to collect to improve operations and where you would obtain this data, examine the literature and present a review, choose and describe an algorithm, model and/or approach that could be used to assist operations. Describe how this algorithm/model/approach could be implemented. ?†¢ Present your work in the form of a consultant’s proposal, that is, as if you were consultants who had been asked to assist the company improve operations. ASSESSMENT ELEMENTS ?†¢ Assignment Cover sheet. ?†¢ Consultant’s proposal. MARKING SCALE ?†¢ Presentation /2 ?†¢ Structure /3 ?†¢ Data description and source /2 ?†¢ Literature review /5 ?†¢ Solution method /5 ?†¢ Solution implementation /3 Total /20 marks QUOTES (TO BE USED IN PA PER) â€Å"There are promising consulting opportunities, mainly in†¦solid waste management† (Sam, 1999, pp. 92). â€Å"Integrated sustainable waste management is based on ‘good garbage governance,’ and its goal includes inclusive, financially sustainable and institutionally responsive waste management, which funcitons well for users and providers† (United Nations, 2010, pp. 141). BIBLIOGRAPHY Sam PA, 1999. International environmental consulting practice: how and where to take advantage of global opportunities. US: John Wiley & Sons. United Nations, 2010. Solid waste management in the world’s cities: water and sanitation in the world’s Cities 2010. UK: UN-HABITAT (United Nations Human Settlements

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