Friday, October 18, 2019

Research Topics in Insurance Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Topics in Insurance - Research Paper Example At the same time, it can also cover those who are bellow this specified age, but have special needs- the disabled or those suffering from the end stage renal disease. Under this scheme, one is eligible to be covered for the hospital bills under the umbrella of category ‘A’ at the same time, one can enjoy insurance coverage under part ‘B’ or be covered for the prescription of drugs under the scheme’s part ‘B’ This scheme however differs from the Medicaid programme because it mainly focuses on the elderly people at the age of 65 years and above. On the other hand, the Medicaid programme is open to any person in any age group. Similarly, the Medicare scheme solely relies on the federal government for funds while the Medicaid does not entirely depend on the federal government for funding. Part of its budget is footed by the respective semi- autonomous state governments. Medicaid insurance on the other hand relies on the federal government to offer health coverage or to provide home nursing for a specified category of people in the United States of America (US General Accountability Office, 2000). Such categories of people eligible for coverage under this noble programme are the low income earning people in the American society. They include the children, parents of eligible children, the elderly, pregnant women and the disabled who may be in a dire need for home nursing. Ideally, this programme was designed to help the categories of people to afford medical bills under the Medicaid programme, an eligible person is entitled to be wholly or partly be assisted to settle their medical bills. Generally, there are two distinct types of Medicaid- Community Medicaid and the Medicaid nursing. Community Medicaid in its part was designed to assist people who a little or no medical insurance schemes at all. However, medical nursing home scheme on the other hand, is meant for

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