Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Developing a business plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Developing a business plan - Assignment Example The other way is to increase labor and expertise in handling the needs of our clients better. The product logistics and quality controls will be essential in defining the way these products take place. A vertical retail presence in crucial catalogues and e-commerce avenues will be pursued. Advertisement by creating a buzz about this new brand will be made especially amongst opinion leaders based on a combination of product placement and public relations. To achieve this, the needed abilities are good technological backgrounds. The goal is to have a system that enhances customer experiences through the acknowledgement of feedback from the users. The company is also leveraging on its current technology that ensures it can use its services to benefits its clients and provide a solution to their needs. The capabilities lacking are in mass production, which could hinder the number of outlets served. The current number requires an adjustment (Rumelt, 2011). The products are ladies’ creams for both day and night. They will be produced at our manufacturing plant and sold by representatives across the board in both retail and wholesale shops. The goal is to create a wide supply chain team to ensure the products reach out to the largest audience. The sellers will be getting a commission when dealing directly with the company, while those in retail will get lower prices to ensure they profit from stocking our products. The development processes are unique in that they encompass the utility of the ideals of modern technology combine with appropriate understanding of biological attributes of the human body. The production takes place at a facility that follows the required criterion that assures the client of a quality product. The marketing aspect takes place on both new and traditional media, with the new media taking the highest form. This is because most of the targeted clients use these forms of media for communication and information. Products are

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