Monday, August 19, 2019

Epic Heroes Essay examples -- Hero Roland Siegfried Balian

Heroes may fall, but they are never forgotten. An epic is an enlightening story with its true purpose to portray a historical person or event. Epics centralize on concepts such as loyalty and valor, which were important to those of medieval times. Epics were not recorded for a long time after they actually occurred. An epic hero is an individual with phenomenal finesse and extraordinary abilities. They represented a culture's highest standards or values. A heroic flaw is usually the triumphant downfall of a hero. Most heroes are depicted to have a heroic flaw which shows their mortality or ephemerality, meaning they do not live forever or just a brief amount of time. Epic Heroes are thrust into greatness upon their birth, but it is up to them to fulfill their destiny. Roland was truly a brave and valiant knight. In the section read it begins as Roland, his best friend Oliver, and the rest of the French rear guard face the immense Saracen army. Roland is consistent and pretentious, many knights and warriors fought for honor and dignity. Roland although courageous and dari...

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