Saturday, August 10, 2019

Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 23

Management - Essay Example After that, everybody choose what part of the project that he or she wanted to do. By the second week, the group established a schedule that suited the whole team. The main purpose of this was to meet and discuss further plans in order to meet the course requirements. Also, the structure of the group was balanced, where every person reported to all the other members. This gave the group the advantage of knowing and being up-to-date on what their colleagues were working on. Another advantage that the group had was no task or process conflicts in choosing the film or working on our meeting schedule. The all-channeled structure made it easy for us to communicate with each other. The group also set their goals and expected outcomes from this experience, and then laid down the plan of how to meet them. Our goals for the team were very straightforward when we began our project. Unexpectedly, we had established some SMART goals for the team prior to knowing the full definition. Our specific goal was a time-bound goal. We decided that everyone would do his or her task and submit it by a specific time. The influence style most frequently used in our group was the collaborative approach. We worked together to include everyone in the decision making process and left no group member in the dark. There was never a set position of power because we all worked together in delegating all of our tasks. This influence style was highly effective because it allowed our group to work as a team and not as singular entities. By agreeing on all of our tasks together, we were able to form a strong unbiased opinion. This allowed us to efficiently set goals and maintain a strong work ethic. Through using this process, there were little to no conflicts. The only minor conflict that arose was when we could not find a set date that would allow our schedules to work together; however, we communicated effectively through emails and got together when

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