Tuesday, August 13, 2019

People's Health as the Most Important Think in Their Life Essay - 1

People's Health as the Most Important Think in Their Life - Essay Example Life is not all about living and breathing only; it is rather about doing something, leaving at least some imprint in the lives of other people and making a difference. In other words, it is the accomplishments, even minor ones, which are important and meaningful when it comes to defining what one has reached in life. I have always felt that my mission in life is helping other people. Perhaps, like any other person, at first, I did not know what exactly I should do so that my mission is fully accomplished. With the course of time, as I learnt more about the world and my place in it, the picture started taking shape. As a result, today I am going to apply as a transfer student to Tufts University to get a major degree in biology and then hopefully join a medical school there and accomplish my degree as a doctor. Being a doctor means helping people to deal with the most important thing in their lives, which is their health. However, I see myself not in a clinic in my own consulting roo m but rather working and trying hard to lend a helping hand to people who face harsh problems they cannot overcome on their own, such as Ebola virus epidemic in Africa. Coming to the rescue to those who suffer from dramatic war wounds in the Middle East is the task I have set for myself as well. Although nobody can predict what will happen in the future, and I am not an exception from this rule of life, I hope my efforts will not be barren and I will find a place in the world so that I can really make a difference.

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