Saturday, August 24, 2019

Marketing Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Marketing Paper - Essay Example This is because as a potential customer, one desires to feel valued by the sender/company. An indicator of how much a company values its targeted clients is when it has exerted effort on getting correct details regarding the customer. Furthermore, addressing potential customers by their complete name adds the personal touch to the sales method that is often appreciated by the client. In line with rules of etiquette, getting customer details precisely signifies respect towards the recipient of the mail. In both cases, it is highly probable that I would purchase these products. Given my preference for convenience in handling my finances, I opt to use multiple credit cards for various purposes since I am pre-occupied with studies among other things. Thus, it is much easier for me to settle my bills through credit card and at the same time have funds on hand for my purchases. On the other hand, I have not come to the point of demanding pre-need plans and other insurance products. Probably in the near future I will realize the value of securing my future, my possession, and my loved-ones. For the meantime, I have not identified this product as a need. In this regard, I have not availed of life or medical insurance. The professional-looking promotional materials from the companies caught my attention since they, in a way, stand out from the rest of my mails. Apart from this, the catchy taglines printed on the elegantly designed envelopes have aroused my curiosity and persuaded me to open their solicitation. The mails looked promising and I felt that I might be mission on a perk or benefit that these companies offer if I failed to open the solicitation. 5. What differences or similarities do these companies use to try to make you buy the product Both companies offered tempting promos that go with purchasing their products. The difference lies in their approach. For instance, the credit card company was offering a chance to win a vacation package to a tropical paradise if I decide to avail of the credit card. On the other hand, the insurance company was granting substantial discount for the early birds who would purchase their insurance product package. Another difference is that the credit card company also had telemarketers to contact me shortly after I received the solicitation. In contrast, the insurance company provided an email address that I could write to in order to express my interest to have the brochure sent and its salesperson to get in touch with me. 6. What suggestions would you make to improve these direct mail pieces to have the consumer open them / have the consumer respond To have the consumer open the direct mails, these companies may consider offering freebies like small souvenir items or mailing the complete promotional kit that may perk up customer interest along with

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